Something Inside So Strong

Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam | Sunday May 21, 11 am - 4 pm | Nationwide get-together for people living with persistent Lyme disease and co-infections, and their loved ones in the International Lyme Awareness Month | International keynote speakers, such as dr. Richard Horowitz, dr. Charles Ray Jones, dr. Elena Frid and dr. Carsten Nicolaus | Something Inside So Strong: a day full of information and inspiration, and a powerful statement: Lyme Lives Matter!

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Something Inside So Strong 2016

On Sunday April 17 in 2016 the succesful first edition of Something Inside So Strong took place: 300 people with Lyme and co and their loved ones participated in this nationwide get-together, which they appreciated with an 8.3 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest possible appreciation). This first get-together took place on the estate The Horst in Driebergen, and was organised by Volle Maan in cooperation with the Lyme Patients’ Association and the Stichting Tekenbeetziekten (Tick-borne Disease Foundation).

I Want My Life Back | January 2016

‘My quest to obtain a diagnosis has cost my health insurance company € 24,913 ($ 27.112); I finally came on track of my diagnosis via a newspaper article. Many people would suppose that cycling over the Alps is a heavy task for someone living with HIV, but it gave me no problem at all. People who know that that was my hobby, are surprised that, now that I have Lyme, these tours have become completely impossible.’

PDF I Want My Life Back

The All-Decisive First Impression

For seventeen years, Fred Verdult has been living with HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS, and for five years, he has been living with Lyme disease. He has a thorough knowledge of the HIV movement and he shares his reflections: in 1982 the borreliose bacteria that causes Lyme was discovered and in 1983 the HIV virus, that can cause AIDS. The war on AIDS resulted in a great medical success story. That is a stark contrast to the war about Lyme. Could that contrast be caused by the difference in the first impression that the world got of these two diseases?

The All-Decisive First Impression

He turned lemons into lemonade

‘He turned lemons into lemonade,’ writes the American author, artist and Huffington Post contributor David Conner in a beautiful blog about Fred Verdult and his two favourite diseases. Fred and David met by the end of 2016 in Philadelphia: ‘That’s why I was curious to ask Fred about something I have asked and written about, something that has caused some controversy.’

Blog David Conner

Lyme on tv

The popular Dutch television show ‘Zorg.nu’ did a feature on Lyme disease in October 2016.


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